Terminal Dreamland

by Handski

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Bubble gum bubble gum on my shoe... ah yes, good for me mm-hmm.


released March 26, 2013

Snakes aka Hockey Beau Beau - Bass, vocals, Ass Burger, Steely Fan.
Mark of the beast - Vocals, Guitars, Drums, Master Painter, Clearly makes up his own nicknames.
Recorded, mixed and mastered by the one and only Andrew "don't call me sherbert" Schubert at some place that Mick Jagger took a leak one time. It was the fall of 2012, I think. The reording session, not the leak. All songs by Handski, dummy.



all rights reserved


Handski Los Angeles, California

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Track Name: Headlock
Don't let the nausea take over; every step is a little bit closer to tearing the fuckers down. Stab the flesh a few more times; when every tendons dead you'll feel fine. We'll have nothing to lose and everything to gain. It's the abject surrender of a life you don't own. Assholes pissing on nut sacks. Fuck off! Let's take it back! Every night you'd lay awake and every bottle you drank until it was as empty as your eyes. Nah nah nah no. Break your back just to breath. Keep your head above a shit filled sea. All for some moldy ass piece of bread. Did you know that I've broken every crutch that I've ever had? ( I always bought 'em second hand.) It'd break and I'd hit the ground, lying in a pile of puke TEN TIMES the size of my pride. Dry heave. Nothing left inside but bedraggled ambitions and whack ass jokes, never taking the time to think that maybe I was wasting time cursing the sky. Nobody's gonna listen to me grumble tonight, but that's okay with me because being on our own never felt so right. yeahhqhohwqh8frf0f?pl!!!! Everything is burning fast and we've got no place left to run. I'm fucking through tending those flames. Ass wipe. Dickhead jr. Fuck, you're fucking ugly.
Track Name: There Is No Learning (There Is Only Death)
I drink a lot for twenty three( Jesus!!! Lying about your age already???) Your eyes are red and black and mean and we look like a couple of disgruntled apes. You talk a lot of shit like me. Loud, obnoxious and tattoo-free. Indolent. Insipid. Connoisseurs of idiosyncrasies. Don't tell me your scared or that you never had the fucking nerve to spare. Parodies come true. It's a two bit skit on the dead end side of the street. You're a dumb ass piece of shit and I'm on my own. Lately, all I want to do is drink and sleep and masturbate. I don't need me anymore than you do. John Belushi's gone and I don't think he's ever coming back again. Parodies come true. It's a two bit skit on the dead end side of the street. I'm a dumb ass piece of shit and I'm all alone. BOO FUCKING YOO HOO. And that's all right. I know my place in the universe tonight/ this morning/ this afternoon.
Track Name: Ye Heavenly Roast
Brick walls crumbling. 3D skid marks. Post suicidal. It's worth so much more out of the package! Headlocks and Hard Drives. A vision of imperfection. I'll spread my butt cheeks wide, and I'll fly away! Dumb shit makes sense. There's no lies in bloodshot eyes. Distorted and warped. Rendered obsolete. You fucking dead eyed creep! I've got nothing left to lose and it's breaking YOUR heart. Cages rattle. Steel bars break in two. It's all just a dream I had, no cause for alarm! It's just what I wanted. It's exactly what I don't need, like like pledging allegiance to what can't be believed. It's even worse to see. Don't gouge out your eyes just yet.
Track Name: Terminal Dreamland
We got stoned by the tracks when I got to thinking about how everyones broke, miserable and scared of the mail and telephone... Shit! It's every sucker for themselves! CEOs should be laughing in your face. They've got an inside joke thats sick enough to kill. We've got pills. We've got booze. We've got everything it takes to lose any little bit of sanity to your name. Poor bastard, don't cry for a dead dream and a sullen lullaby. Where do you go when the beast leaves you for dead? You use your last ounce of strength to put the beast to sleep!
Track Name: Let's Not Blow This Into Proportion
I've been told that some wounds never heal: broken trust, stolen innocence and amputated limbs... Spare us the salt and shit too hard too swallow! This young man wants his arms back. A demand too far out of reach. It's too much for Jesus and meth to save us now. No going back to the place you started from. That page was ripped out long ago. Don't believe any lies unless they came from your own mouth... From Sand Creek to My Lai. Fallujah to Abu Ghraib. I'd rather talk about MEGADETH and Star Wars novels, but you'd rather murder the cat.
Track Name: Jesus Christ Action Figure
We're half seas over and Shit Stain Steve stole Marina's wine while she was asleep. The gins long gone and so are we. Cheers to this bitter-sweet epiphany. It's always the same. Twenty years spent eating shit. Wake up ashamed, hating your guts, and somehow thinking that you deserve it all. Grab it by throat and then let it go. It doesn't mean that much to me anymore. It's not a curse. It's no worse than not knowing who the fuck you are. Oh yeah. And I know I'm a little piece of shit just like Snakes and Shit Stain Steve... Hah bad words are funny, mijo... And on the day my mother died, I played with a Jesus Christ action figure. Indoctrination doesn't need to wait. Wake up ashamed, hating my guts, and somehow thinking that I deserved it all. I remember the bathtub confessional when you were six and it made me sick because there was nothing I could do about it. But now we've lit one candle and then we used it to light the rest. We don't need to curse the darkness anymore. When I blow this planet there will be nothing left to do but stick my body on a boat and set it ablaze. Don't worry about me.
Track Name: Charred
They used to seal your turds in shrink wrap. Yeah, they could sell that shit in chain stores. But now the stench is so much worse, because someone set it on fire and left at my front door. And I'm so fucking charred I could die, if you would be so kind to let nature take it's course. I don't have far to go. Because you didn't mean it anymore than I could possibly believe it. So take your sorry excuse for a life and move on... I planted a twig because I thought it would grow into a tree. Turned out to be another stick in the mud that fell for the first man made catastrophe. And I'm so full of shit I could die. If not with honor, then maybe with the shame of letting the whole God damn world burn right before my eyes. I'd like to spare you the epitaph. Let it be known right now that I was only in it for the laughs and that I don't care where you've been, just so long as you called... but when the lights go out and you're left standing there all alone, I hope you can laugh out loud at this one. It's a fucking hoot! It left a pain deep in my side and blood coming out of my throat. So how's about we get up and get real and act like we mean it for once?